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         Nekla Community

Nekla Community

Nekla community is in Greater Poland (Pojezierze Wielkopolskie) and is one of the smallest (96.2 km2) in Greater Poland province. Nekla City is 36 km east from Poznan.

Nekla and its areas have an interesting history. The first mention of Nekla appeared in 1405. In years 1725-1993 Nekla was a city - lots of churches were built in Nekla, Targowa Gorka and Opatowek. In 2000 the people of Nekla campaigned the polish government to regain a cities law. Now Nekla has 6.670 habitants.

One of the advantages of Nekla is its connection to international roads and rails routes (A-2 motorway, domestic road No 92, railway Berlin - Moscow).

There is also a lot of quiet places where you can built your own "sweet home" (in Nekielka town) - surrounded by forests and near to the lake - landscapes that make you feel calm and relaxed.

There are 3 hotels, 3 schools and a new modern hall (which opened in 2003). You can also enjoy a lot of fetes and entertainment.

Why not spend holidays in Nekla and fall in love with its landscape? Who knows - maybe it's your "place in the world"?

All other important information you can find on website www.nekla.pl .


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